• We‘ve Said We’re Good - Let Us Prove It


We understand that having work done to your precious home is not a job you take lightly. We know you have thoughts like “Am I using the right contractor here?” and “How is this going to look?” We know you have concerns. And rightly so.

We know because we have heard these concerns from customers before starting work to their homes. They have seen poor stonemasonry work all over the place and are worried their job is going to look like this. We get it. Unfortunately it is a decent possibility you may end up with one of these contractors. Everyone’s ads, websites etc say they’re the bees knees of course, but how do you know? For sure.

Fortunately there is a way. We can show you without a shadow of a doubt we are excellent at what we do by coming to your home, (or wherever the job is) to carry out a sample panel of work to let you see what it’s going to look like.

It will also give you first hand experience with dealing with our company and a chance to experience our professionalism, politeness and to meet one or two of the team who would be working on your building. This is a 100% free service.

So how does this work, and how do we arrange this free sample of work? Simply call us on 0141 255 0610 or use the contact forms on the website and ask for this unique service. This would normally be done after you have received our detailed quotation, are happy with the cost, but want to make sure we can do the job properly.

Once this is booked in, one or more of our team will pop round to meet you, talk about what we are going to do, and then carry out a sample of work. This “free trial” is available for stone cleaning, stone repair or lime pointing work. This will be carried out on an inconspicuous part of the building and at ground level.

Once this is done and you have a chance to see the results and get a feel for our company, we are 100% sure you will carry on with the proposed job. You will can proceed with the work with the utmost confidence you have the right team to do the job.

How does that sound? If the above makes it sound like we are confident about our abilities to delight you with our work, then you’d be right! Once again, don’t hesitate to ask us to do this for you.


For More Information On Our Glasgow Stonemasons Services & A Friendly Chat, Call Us Today On: 0141 255 0610 or Email Us Here