Chimney Repairs Glasgow

Why use us for your Glasgow chimney repair services?

Glasgow homes and buildings’ chimneys are an often forgotten about and uncared for part of the building. Due to their inaccessibility etc, they are largely left alone meaning that it’s essential to regularly check your chimney for the possible need for chimney repairs Glasgow services.

This is a big mistake however. Collapsed chimneys can cause untold damage to roofs, gardens, cars and people of course. It is vital these are checked every 5 years or so by professional stonemasons such as ourselves.

Whether your chimney requires only a shaky pot replaced or a full strip down and rebuild it pays to use only the most experienced stonemasons company. Chimney work is definitely not for amateurs or the inexperienced.

Chimney Repairs in Glasgow usually include at least one of the following:

  • Stone replacement or repair of eroded masonry to prevent loose masonry falling
  • Lime repointing of all or part of the structure to aid structural strength
  • Major or minor rebuilding work as required to stop collapse
  • Coping stones and cans reset and tied in with stainless steel fixings ensuring safety

Our Chimney Repairs Glasgow service encompasses every kind of problem a chimney could have. If you suspect your chimney may need a look at by a top class company, don’t hesitate to call or write to us.

A complete chimney care service including the following:

  • Repointing of chimneys with lime mortars
  • Lithomex stone repairs to eroded stonemasonry
  • Repacement of broken, loose or missing chimney cans
  • Lowering or removal of whole chimney stack
  • Complete chimney rebuild with new or existing stone
  • Chimney mortar flashings and haunchings repaired or replaced
  • Harling work to chimneys

No matter what chimney stonework you need carried out, our 20 plus years experience in chimney repairs means you will have a thorough, top class job done using durable lime mortars able to withstand our lovely West of Scotland weather.