Stone Replacement Glasgow

If your eroded or cracked stone is too badly damaged it may need replaced.

We can replace lintols, mullions, coping stones, cills, cornices etc, with a new, carefully chosen stone piece dressed to match the existing stone.

Stone Replacement – What is it?

In this instance we are looking to replace the damaged stone piece with an identical new one.

We take the stone replacement route if the damaged stone in question is a structural piece carrying a lot of weight, or if the stone is so badly eroded that a Lithomex stone repair is not possible.

Sometimes you will have the option of a Lithomex repair or a full stone replacement.

To completely replace a damaged stone piece, firstly we take sizes and profiles or templates of the stone to be replaced.

We then source a stone piece that is as close as possible to the original stone in colour and texture and bring it on site.

At this point, the new stone is dressed, carved or shaped to match the stone to be replaced, complete with original surface finish.

The old defective stone is cut out and removed from site, and the new stone is fitted in its place with a durable lime mortar. The new stone is finally pointed with lime mortar to match the surrounding mortar and cleaned off with a sponge, leaving a nice tidy finish.

Stone replacement is a premium higher cost stone repair (compared to lithomex) with a lifespan of a century or more. This type of work is carried out daily by our master masons who excel at this type of work.

We replace window sills, lintols, cornice, mullions, coping stones, door jambs, window rybates, ashlar etc. etc. If its on your building and is made of stone, we can replace it.

Whatever is wrong with the masonry on your wall, chimney or building it can all definitely be repaired or replaced. Don’t ever worry about the masonry on your building, it can all be fixed. With Stonemasons Glasgow you’re in the very best of hands.

Stonemasons Glasgow Customer Charter

  • We’re here to assist with every possible sandstone issue / idea.
  • For the fastest turnarounds in the business, contact us first.
  • Competitive quotes within 48 hours of having your survey.
  • Urgent and emergency work is prioritised.
  • All job sites thoroughly cleaned up after your work is completed. We never leave mess behind us.
  • Friendly, professional people you will enjoy working at your home.
  • All this and enjoy guarantees lasting up to 25 years.

Let Us Show You Our Skills


We know you have big concerns about choosing the correct Glasgow stonemasons for your job. Let us show you without a doubt we are the correct choice by having us carry out a small sample of Lithomex stone repair, stone cleaning or lime pointing for you. No charge. We would be delighted to show you we are the right choice.