Stone Repairs Glasgow

Our team are highly skilled in the repair and replacement of defective or eroded masonry.

We will advise you on the correct strategy for repair of your building or wall at our stone repairs Glasgow survey visit.

When it comes to the subject of stone repairs and restoration, you basically have two choices..

  1. Stone Repairs Glasgow with Lithomex.

This is a stone coloured, specially formulated repair mortar. The eroded element of the masonry is chipped back using a toothed chisel until sound stone is exposed. We then insert stainless steel fixings to exposed masonry to ensure the subsequent repair has a strong grip to the stone.

We then apply lithomex in layers until the desired profile is formed. Next, we rub down the nearly set lime mortar repair with abrasive blocks to achieve a perfect result. At this point, the new “stone” has any tool marks added to match original masonry. Finally the repair is pointed with a lime mortar leaving a repair looking for all the world like a new stone has been fitted.

Lithomex stone repairs are a cost effective repair with an expected useful lifespan of 10 to 15 years. You can find out more about Lithomex HERE (Link)

  1. Stone Is Cut Out & Replaced With A New Piece Of Stone.

In this instance we are looking to replace the damaged stone piece with an identical new one. Firstly we take sizes and profiles or templates of the stone to be replaced. We then source a stone piece that is as close as possible to the original stone in colour and texture and bring it on site.

At this point, the new stone is dressed and shaped to match the stone to be replaced.

The old defective stone is cut out and removed from site, and the new stone is fitted in its place. The new stone is finally pointed with lime mortar and cleaned off with a sponge, leaving a nice tidy finish.

Stone replacement is a premium higher cost stone repair (compared to lithomex) with a lifespan of a century or more.

Whatever is wrong with the masonry on your wall, chimney or building it can all definitely be repaired. With Stonemasons Glasgow you’re in the very best of hands.