Lime Pointing Glasgow

Let our expert stone masons repoint your stone wall or building in a traditional lime mortar.

As well as protecting your vulnerable stone from the elements and prolonging its life, it also looks stunning when done properly.

Our Glasgow stonemasons are vastly experienced in the art of Lime Mortar repointing of stone and brick.

All our lime pointing Glasgow work is carried out with traditional techniques and robust lime mortars leaving the best possible finish and durability.

Correctly carried out lime pointing work is essential to the health of your stone building, chimney or wall. Proper planning and meticulous preparation of the host masonry is vital if we are to ensure the long life and protection of your masonry. We take our time to get these aspects right.

As stated before, we exclusively use lime mortars for our pointing and re-pointing work. Please do not trust this type of work to general builders and handymen as it is imperative that this work is carried out with correct preparation, correct lime and aggregates choice and of course proper technique and workmanship.

Our 30+ years of experience means we have these qualities and abilities in abundance.

Stonemasons Glasgow Customer Charter:

  • We’re here to assist with every possible sandstone issue / idea.
  • For the fastest turnarounds in the business, contact us first.
  • Competitive quotes within 48 hours of having your survey.
  • Urgent and emergency work is prioritised.
  • All job sites thoroughly cleaned up after your work is completed. We never leave mess behind us.
  • Friendly, professional people you will enjoy working at your home.
  • All this and enjoy guarantees lasting up to 25 years.

Why Lime Mortars Should Be Used For Pointing Sandstone

  • Sandstone’s unique qualities necessitate a thoughtful choice of binding or pointing material, where lime emerges as superior to cement for various reasons.

  • Additionally, lime mortars self-heal through carbonation, promoting lime pointing longevity with less maintenance compared to cement. Lime production’s lower environmental impact aligns with eco-friendly practices, reducing carbon emissions.

  • Very importantly, lime pointing’s softer and more traditional appearance complements sandstone’s aesthetic qualities, enhancing overall visual appeal. The difference is incredible.

  • For historical preservation, which is most of what we do, lime pointing ensures authenticity and longevity, vital for maintaining the integrity of heritage buildings and structures.

  • Lime mortar for pointing as well as sandstone construction, is a wise investment, offering compatibility, flexibility, self-healing properties, environmental sustainability, and aesthetic enhancement, aligning with both tradition and modern environmental consciousness.

  • We only ever use specialist lime mortars, specifically made for the construction, repair and pointing of sandstone. Dont accept anything less. Stonemasons Glasgow lime pointing services don’t.

See an example of our expert lime pointing work:

Let Us Show You Our Skills


We know you have big concerns about choosing the correct Glasgow stonemasons for your job. Let us show you without a doubt we are the correct choice by having us carry out a small sample of Lithomex stone repair, stone cleaning or lime pointing for you. No charge. We would be delighted to show you we are the right choice.