Check Your Chimney For Structural Defects That Might Need Repairing

Check Your Chimney For Structural Defects That Might Need Repairing

Check Your Chimney For Structural Defects That Might Need Repairing

Checking your chimney for repairs is an essential part of home maintenance. If something happens to it, then it could cause problems for the rest of your home. Imagine your chimney suffers from various structural defects that lead to bits of stone falling off. These stones can land on your roof, damaging that as well! Very quickly, you’ve started to rack up a massive repairs bill.

Bearing that in mind, how exactly do you check your chimney for repairs? Below, we’ve listed a few defects to look out for, along with what you should do if you spot them:

Problems With Mortar Joints
A common chimney problem revolves around issues with the mortar joints. These are the little gaps or cavities between each piece of stone in your chimney. If you have an old chimney, then these joints can become eroded over time, or even cracked and damaged. If this happens, it can loosen the stones or let moisture in, leading to water damage. The good news is, this is a fairly easy thing to spot, and you should check the structure of your chimney that’s inside your house as well as the part that pokes out the top of your roof. If you can’t get up there with a ladder, then you could use binoculars or call someone in to inspect it.

Pieces Of Masonry Falling Off
A clear and obvious way to spot a defect is if you see pieces of your masonry falling off your chimney. This should send alarm bells ringing as you’ll need to get your chimney repaired right away. Even if part of stone falls off, this could signal bigger and worse things to come in the future. Don’t take any chances, call up a chimney repairs service right away.

Rust In Your Fireplace
If you start seeing rust in your fireplace, then this could indicate an issue with your chimney. It usually suggests that water or moisture is finding its way down the chimney shaft, which shouldn’t happen. This could point to possible cracks in the chimney stones, or it may be issues with the mortar joints too. Rust is a good indication that your chimney requires further inspection, so bear that in mind.

Damages To Things Around Your Chimney
If you go to your loft and see that the walls near your chimney are damaged, then this is a sign of some possible defects. Again, the main culprit may be mortar joint issues or stone defects that are letting moisture into your home. Either way, damaged wallpaper around your chimney should signal a problem that needs checking out.

What To Do When You Find Chimney Defects
As soon as you find a chimney defect, or see signs that there may be one, contact a professional stonemason right away. You may require some simple repointing work to fix up the mortar joints, or stone repairs on the actual structure of the chimney. In severe cases, a whole new chimney installation may be the best and most cost-effective solution to your problem.

If you ever have any chimney repair problems, then contact us today, and we’ll help sort everything out.

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